Notice of service adjustments affected by the new crown epidemic

Update Dec 9, 2021


Affected by the epidemic, there will be delays in the transit and local delivery of packages on Australia routes. The overall transit time is expected to be 12-15 days.


Affected by the epidemic, parcels on the Colombia route are expected to be delayed for 7-10 days.

Some countries in Europe

(Ireland, Netherlands, France, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Greece, Croatia, Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Estonia, Serbia, Cyprus, Spain, Hungary, Italy, Malta, Poland, Latvia, Luxembourg, Belgium)

Affected by the epidemic and peak seasons, there is a backlog of parcels in European warehouses. It is expected that there will be 2-3 days delay in customs clearance and transshipment.


The impact of the epidemic is still continuing, and the local delivery time of parcels on the Italian route is expected to be delayed by 3-5 days.


Affected by the epidemic, the current parcel service delivery to Thailand is expected to be delayed by 4-6 days.


Affected by the epidemic, the current transit time of parcels sent to Vietnam is expected to be delayed by 4-5 days.

The safety of employees and customers is our top priority. We will pay close attention to developments and take necessary actions to minimize the impact of services.